P.S. 132 and P.S. 38 Visits Habana Outpost!


Students from PS 132’s Green Team made the trip to Fort Greene today to visit Habana Outpost and take a “green tour” around the premises.  The Green Team is a group of 4th and 5th grade students who have demonstrated an extraordinary interest in caring for our planet.  They work together with their Science Teacher, Ms. Leichman Cahn, to recycle PS 132‘s waste, compost organic waste using red worms and beautify their school’s neighborhood through various gardening projects. 

They saw our solar paneling, our refurbished postal-turned-kitchen truck, compost bin, picnic tables made of recycled materials, corn starch cups, plates and silverware, rainwater-flushing toilets, and hung out afterwards and ate lunch!  All the fun they had kinda makes me miss being a kid 😉

Ms. Leichman’s class

Also … Mr. Meissner’s class from P.S. 38 came by and took the tour.  Then they held a contest to see who could name more “green facts” and the winners each received Alternative Heroes coloring books, crayons, bouncy balls, comic books, and more goodies. 

Mr. Meissner’s class

Class tours are available M-Th at 12 noon.  You can contact info@ecoeatery.com if you’re interested in scheduling one!



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