Happening THIS Weekend

@ Habana Outpost ….

Art exhibit by Stefano Giovannini is now up on the wall.  Stefano is a self-taught photographer from Milan, Italy who relocated to NYC in 2000.  He began taking photos as a teenager.  Before pursuing his passion for photography, Stefano studied medicine for some time but felt he would be happier elsewhere, doing something else.  He has since worked for major and independent magazine publications in Europe and the U.S. including Nylon, Soma, Jane, Entertainment Weekly, as well as TimeOut NY, and many more.  He is perhaps best known for his photographs of musicians, including Sonic Youth, Cat Power, DJ Olive, Luna, Beck, Blonde Redhead, and many others.  His web journals feature photographs of New York City characterized by an impulsive, yet anthropological approach.  Through his eyes, we view the diversity of humanity, reality, and mythology — people, places and things — a display of social classes, traces, and leftovers of human presence.

Keep reading for more pics and events this weekend …

Photographs will be displayed through July 13th, and opening reception will be this Monday, June 29th from 6-9 pm.


Kid’s Corner Ladybug Release finds us in the Kid’s Corner on Saturday and/or Sunday from 12-4 learning about ladybugs and their vital impact on the environment.  Kids will then have a chance to color ladybug pictures and set some real, live ladybugs free in the courtyard so that they can continue playing their part in the Habana Oupost eco-system!


Did you know that beekeeping is illegal in NYC?  … It’s Pollinator Week and Habana Outpost is of course joining in on the fun.  We’re teaming up with Just Food to bring you Honey Smoothies this weekend, so roll out to the courtyard and get yourself a smoothie on the human-powered bike blender … and we’ll be adding honey to all the smoothies in support of bees.  Click HERE to sign the petition to legalize beekeeping in New York City.


Greene Harvest CSA 9am – 12noon in the courtyard
DJ Juice E spinning in the courtyard 12-6 pm Sat/Sun
-Free movie on Sunday night at 8 pm – Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing


And, last, but certainly not least, we here at the Outpost are taking a moment of silence for the King of Pop.  Rest in Peace, Michael …


Click here to see MJ’s career in photos.


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