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A few weeks ago, to celebrate the finalization of the deal for the new Cafe Habana in Malibu, we took a little trip to Jamaica to celebrate. The honourable Mr. & Mrs. Sean Meenan, DJ Max Glazer & DJ Kenny Meez of the Federation Sound System, and myself hit up Montego Bay, Negril, and finally, Kingston for a few days of Island fun.

We had ridonkulous jerk chicken at Scotchie’s in Mo’ Bay, dropped by Jah Freedom Recordings’ new compound in Negril, and chilled at Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship Recording Studio in Kingston.

Peep some of the pics after the jump.

Scotchie’s Jerk Chicken spot in Montego Bay. Amazing.


Bar in Montego Bay.


Rose Hall. Home of Annie Palmer, The White Witch of Rose Hall.


Annie’s final resting place.



Our view from our rooms at Rockhouse, Negril.



This is Big Ship Recording Studio, founded by reggae legend Freddie McGregor and named after his beautiful 1982 hit, Big Ship. Big Ship is currently known for the prolific string of mega-hits being produced by his sons, producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor and singer  Chino, who currently have the biggest tune in Jamaica with “Never Change (From Mawning).”


Yardie boys. Yush and Max Glazer play Ludi in the Big Ship Yard.


Cafe Habana owner Sean Meenan at the Big Ship studio gate.


DJ Max Glazer & Kenny Meez man the boards at the ship.


Biggz of the Big Ship family.


Ellie, Sean Meenan, and DJ Boyd of Jamaica’s Fame FM and Federation Sound.


Next time you see Sean, make sure you ask him to tell you the story behind this painting of Elephant Man. Trust me, it’s a great story.




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  1. kissewon says:

    hy wat s the story behind da painting of elephantman at big ship ?

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