It’s National Tequila Day!!!

Picture courtesy of hopeforvicki’s photostream on Flickr.

So today is National Tequila Day … and what better place to celebrate it than your favorite neighborhood haunt, Habana Outpost, drinking our world-famous (and might I add POTENT) frozen margaritas!

It’s the weekend and all, but if you need some preventative measures for that morning “hangover” (it’s all in your head, by the way) … try out some of these “cures” that may (or may not) help you out the next day (and keep reading for this weekend’s events)

1.) Advil and a water before bed
2.) Drinking some (or a lot of) gatorade before bed
3.) Run a mile right after you wake up (it’s a suggestion!)
4.) Sleep all day and let yo’ liver do what it do
5.) Eat pickles or drink pickle juice (a Polish folk-remedy!)
6.) Drink a bloody mary (all those minerals can do tha trick)
7.) Greasy food (yes, we have some of that)

OR … our personal favorite … come back to Habana Outpost and drink more margaritas!   Woo!

Happening this weekend:

-Saturday Night Fever in the courtyard (Sun, 8 pm)

-Live DJs (Sat & Sun, 12-6 pm):  Jasmine Solano (Sat) and DJ Juice E (Sun)

-Kid’s Corner (free kids arts & crafts!) in the courtyard Sat & Sun, 12-4 pm:  Bottle Cap Lockets

Let us know if you have any other hangover remedies and we’ll post em!

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