Volunteering is Good for the Soul!


Looking for a great cause to volunteer with? 

The American Littoral Society (ALS) has organized beach cleanups around the five boroughs of New York City and is on their 24th year of the event!  Last year more than 2,500 volunteers at more than 70 sites gathered 44,000 pounds of debris.  That means more waste out of our oceans, harbors, bays, rivers, and streams and a healthier, happier habitat for birds, fish, and all of New York City’s wildlife. This year’s cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 19.  Contact the ALS for more volunteer information by calling 718 471-2166.

Volunteers will remove debris from a beach and document on data cards what was removed,  be encouraged to adopt a site and return for additional cleanups, trace items of local concern to their source  to prevent re-occurrence, create displays in local libraries, send letters on the cleanup to local politicians and newspapers, and educate family and peers about litter control.

Visit http://ioby.org/projects/queens/clean-nycs-beach-day for more information on the beach cleanup, and for more ways to get involved in environmental work in NYC visit ioby.org, the only website that connects New Yorkers to environmental projects in their own neighborhoods.


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  1. Thanks for helping the American Littoral Society attract volunteers for the International Coastal Cleanup, September 19, 2009. There will be cleanup sites in all 5 boroughs, not just Queens.

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