Look who we found hanging out in our garden.

Swallowtail Larvae at Habana Outpost
Swallowtail Larvae at Habana Outpost Aug. 09

This morning  our fabulous gardener Neive Tierney  found this guy munching on our parsley plant – at first sight it looks like a Monarch Larvae but after  a little research, I have discovered that it is the larvae of a Swallowtail butterfly. The Swallowtail mimics the appearance of the Monarch since most birds know that Monarch larvae are poisonous. (Sorry – I just had to geek out a little)  Anyway… we plan to build a cage for this guy so we can watch his transformation into a butterfly.

Next time you’re at Habana Outpost, check out the Kids Corner to see what kind of butterfly action we have going on, and I’ll continue to keep you updated here.

Click here to see photos of the Monarch Butterfly Larvae we found in our garden last year



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  1. wildstorm says:

    This is wonderful. I cannot wait to share such beauty with my baby boy when he is older.

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