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Thanks to, we thought we would re-post this article about a cleanup day scheduled for September 19th for Prospect Park Lake.  Read on for deets:

Cleaning Prospect Park Lake

A reader kindly sent us a link to a clean-up project for Prospect Park Lake. We spoke to Tami, the organizer, who has set up a donation site at Ioby as well as a Facebook page. Tami, who has lived in Brooklyn for eight years, hopes to raise at least $400 in order to rent paddle boats and buy supplies to pick up litter in and around the lake on September 19, which is International Coastal Clean-up Day. She has received the support of the Prospect Park Alliance, and any extra funds she receives will go to the Alliance for future park preservation. The impetus for the project came when Tami took a tour of the lake last spring on the Independence, an electric boat, and she saw birds’ nests, babies hatching, aquatic life such as turtles and bass, and trash. Plenty of trash. Her tour guide said there used to be a green team for the lake, but it has since dissolved. “As I was walking around the lake to take pictures,” Tami said, “couples on the boats would say ‘Oh my god, it’s so gross in here.'” Tami has at least 20 volunteers so far for the September 19 event, and is still accepting volunteers or donations.

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