Epicurious Behind the Scenes


For all you foodies out there, heres a special look behind the scenes of that event we participated in a few weeks ago for Epicurious. The Ultimate NYC Lunch Break was a great opportunity for our talented chef Alfredo to show off his culinary expertise. Click the link to see all the prep pics from that day.


Alfredo and the Boys arriving to the venue at 8 30 am… although we had been working on this project for many days and hours in advance…


Planning on how to set up the stations


Hector cuts the amazing Tomcat Baguettes for the Mini Cuban Sandwiches…only 300 more to go



The scene from above Mini Cubans for our guests…300 in total


And make sure you dont forget the cucumber slices…there should be 900 pcs


Alfredo preparing the mix for our experimental Braised Rib Salpicon


Poetry in motion….


The proud gents ready to serve their food


The corn mugs were a hit and created a lot of buzz around the room 200 were gone in 1 hour ( they were free of course)


Here we go mini Cuban Sandwiches and Braised Short Rib open faced sandwiches..and in the center our famous and dangerous pickled Habanero onions


Much to our surprise the extra spicy habanero onions were consumed with passion by the food  savvy epicurious crowd


Don’t they look yummy?..I love Tom Cat Baguettes We hand toasted each one of these babies…


On the left our delicious braised rib salpicon with mango and spicy jicama and on the right a delicious bbq pulled pork sandwich courtesy of one of the other participants in the event


And there on the right is the corner of “shameless advertising” for our upcoming new venue Cafe Habana Malibu


Alfredo Looking proud after all the hard work


The boys and the mad professor, tired after a long day of food prep and repeating the same phrase over and over again on the right we have mini cuban sandwiches…and on the left we have braised rib salpicon do you like it spicy ?


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