And so it ends–well, and begins.

Today marks the end of our general manager Darcy Le Fleming’s waddling through work days.  A few months without her is making everyone around here pretty sad.  (Possibly panicked?  Nah, it’ll be cool.  She made binders and lists and things…)

But then there’s the flipside that’s making everyone as happy as that photo shows – because that also means today marks the any day now beginning of her I’ve-got-a-daughter days!  Will she be a Christmas baby?  Baby New Year?  Who knows… All we do know is she better like corn.

No need to really miss Darcy, though – check this segue – because there just *may* be a 2010 Habana Girls calendar hot off the presses (also any day now) so you can at least catch her in there…!


One Comment Add yours

  1. rachel says:

    im missing you dearly 😦

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