Good eKarma –> Recycle your eWaste

Our friends at the Lower East Side Ecology Center have teamed up with the magical Mac docs at Tekserve to give everyone an opportunity to start the new year right by recycling your no longer working, no longer wanted, no longer this century eWaste.

What does eWaste entail, you ask?  Pretty much any electronics you can think of:  computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers, CD/DVD/VCR players, stereo equipment, televisions, cell phones…  You know that Sony Walkman in the bottom of your junk drawer?  Yeah, that counts.  (Unless you still rock out on the subway to your old mixtapes, in which case – let your 80’s freak flag fly.  We get it.)

The mass recycling is going down over at Tekserve on Saturday, January 16th.  Every green do-gooder gets rewarded with a $25 coupon on Mac and iPod stuff (along with immeasurable amounts of “way to go, man”)!  Check all the details here, and bring all your now-pointless gear there.


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