Haiti Update.

Sean’s been receiving updates from the Cine Institute in Haiti – an incredible program that teaches Haitian students both an appreciation for as well as the technical art of filmmaking.  We can’t help but feel overwhelmingly empathetic, sad – yet hopeful – when we read them, and we wanted to share one of the recent posts, from Paul Haggis:

While I stood by and watched, two people we brought to Haiti, and one old friend and newest APJ board member, pulled off an unbelievable miracle. They saved the lives of 18 people. Working with heroic medical teams, John Edwards, David Belle and Moran Atias, through sheer persistence and force of will, fought an incredible bureaucracy and won.

These were 18 children and adults who could not be treated in Port-au-Prince and so were being left for dead. When we arrived, the staff of St Damien’s told us that they had been begging anyone who would listen to get them medivac-ed out of the country to hospitals in the US, but no one would listen.  But the incredible team of J/P HRO doctors that Sean Penn and Diana Jenkins brought us refused to just let them lie there until they died.

That’s just a snippet – but you can read the full open letter here.  And, please, if you’d like to support Cine Institute and their recovery efforts, check out their site and donate what you can…!


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