Girl + Corn + Toothpick = TLA*

We somehow missed this video from way back when…back in the last decade…a time we like to call “September ’09.”

But now that we’ve stumbled upon it, we know that sharing it is just the right thing to do.

We just went from 0-60 on the hungerometer – yes, from looking at our very own corn!  (No, really, someone needs to take their lunch break post-haste…)

Note:  Cafe Habana kicks in around the 2:30 mark, but the pizza before it probably added to the current grumbling stomach situation, too.

* When you channel your inner 7th grader, you know “TLA” means “True Love Always,” right?


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  1. neha says:

    this pic reminds me of the time i was chomping away on the cob with cheese all over my face saw the love of my life, the might mos def, at cafe habana years ago looking like straight miss piggy!!!!!!

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