Don’t You…Forget About Me

You know what’s awesome?

When we spend most of our days working over a currently closed-for-the-season restaurant (as “we” who are writing this do) and come in to work after a painfully early flight home (up at 4, fly at 6 – ouch) and flying in made the opening season seem especially far away as there were unmissable views of snow…everywhere…

Yeah, yeah, that looks suspiciously more Arctic than a landing at JFK - just roll with it...

…and yet, kind of out of nowhere, you get a couple of winter shout-outs letting you know that your never-in-winter restaurant is totally being appreciated!  Cooler still, for two totally different reasons:

Check out Pollarded Brooklyn, which sings the solar praise of Habana Outpost’s [very snowed-in] courtyard [with the photos to prove it], and then hop on over to the Where does NYC birthday?? article at Time Out New York.  (Personally, I can’t wait to have my birthday here this summer…if there’s a way to stick a candle in corn, it’s happening in July.)


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