This Time It’s National Margarita Day!

Some of you loyal types may know that sometime back in July, we blogged about it being National Tequila Day.

That was a good holiday…open to shots and over rocks and any old tequila concoction you could think of.

But today we take a more specific turn in the life of our very close and personal friend, tequila…because today is National Margarita Day!  It’s true – Entertainment Weekly said so.

So, not that we’re pushers here, trying to nudge your Monday in any certain direction or anything…but Mondays being what Mondays are…well, wouldn’t a fine frozen *Cafe Habana Margarita* reallllly hit the spot right about now?!  (And check it – it just so happens to be getting-out-of-work-o’clock.)

Yep, that's Cafe Margarita's first cousin, Outpost Margarita...but we just wanted to remind you the sun will be back soon enough!

Be true to your booze, friends, it’s there for you when you need it – now’s your chance to be there for it!

And don’t sweat any hangover situation, you know that a solid Cuban/Mexican base will more than do the job.  Trust us, we know this stuff.


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