Good eKarma, Part Deux

Remember when 2010 was all shiny and new and we took it upon our Habana-selves to let you know that the fine folks of the Lower East Side Ecology Center were teaming up with other fine folks at Tekserve to rid you of that VCR you know hasn’t worked since 1994?  Yeah, those were the days…

But those days are here again.

Indeed, their January eWaste recycling event proved so successful at gathering candy-colored iMacs and old boomboxes and dinosaur-sized fax machines that they’ve decided to go again – next Saturday, April 10th from 10am-4pm.  So if you’re near 23rd & 6th and looking to shed some outdated electro-weight, definitely hit them up!  Check all the deets here.

(And hey, we’ll just put it out there that if you’re a smidge closer to Ft. Greene…the LESEC will be here for the Outpost’s Earth Day Expo on April 17th and tossing toasters, et al, then too!)


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