Kids + Outpost = Happy Green Parents.

Er—happy green parents kicking back with happy green frozen mojitos.

You may be thinking – yeah, we know the Outpost’s the place to go with our minis when the weather gets nice – but hey, it’s not *us* telling you this…  Nah.  It’s:

They posted their picks for kid-friendly, eco-friendly eateries today, and while there are lots of good options on there, we just can’t not point out that we’re the only place listed that offers kids *free* supervised, eco-friendly activities on the weekends…!  (Yep, it’s sunny and beautiful out, we’re getting psyched to open in t-minus 10 days, and we’re tooting our own horn.)

Kid's Corner in full effect. (Even parents are gettin' crafty...)

Sean Meenan’s Habana Works and the Leadership Learning Lab bring out the Kid’s Corner (which brings out summer-breakin’ teachers) to teach your kids fun arts & crafts projects that would make Mother Earth proud.  The first one’s coming up for our Earth Day Expo…and then they kick off for real every weekend starting May 16th.  C’mon – grab your kids and get yourselves to the courtyard!  [Well, once we open, anyway.]


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