And while we’re posting about helping…

…this one’s a way to help a little closer to home (especially for our Ft. Greene & Clinton Hill brethren).

This Saturday [before you come by the Outpost for the Earth Day Expo] and Sunday, hit up Fulton Street & Grand Avenue between 10am – 3pm to pick up a *free tree* to be planted in your yard!

No need to hem and haw – the fine folks of (…okay, take a deep breath here because this gets long…) Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill + the FAB Alliance + New York Restoration Project + MillionTreesNYC + Bloomberg Philanthropies + David Rockefeller (…wasn’t kidding…) are even lending out shovels to make it easy.  For more tree info, hit up

Fine, they're not exactly giving out Magnolia trees - but aren't they lovely?

The following Saturday, April 24th, is your chance to give back – join in as a volunteer to get 1,000 “No Ads” signs up throughout the neighborhood.  The plan is to cover 50 blocks and spare the neighborhood unsolicited ads.  For more info about volunteering, drop a line to


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