Chillin’ Through the Chill

Sean wouldn't miss the Expo - took a redeye back from the new Malibu location just to be here...

Habana Outpost might rule the Brooklyn summer, but we have to admit, we don’t rule the weather…

So when we kicked off our big re-opening this past Saturday with our annual Earth Day Expo, it was all we could do to keep repeating, Nah, it’s not gonna rain

And actually, come to think of it – maybe we do rule the weather, as the rain did hold off!  But try as we might, we couldn’t make it sunny and warm.

Did that stop the crowds from coming out to kick off the start of the season?  Hell no. Sure, you had to hold on to your gear so nothing would fly away with the crazy bursts of wind, and sure, scarves were more on the scene than shorts…but there were friends and neighbors and kids and vendors and drinks and good eats everywhere you looked.

Just in case you were too cold, here’s some of what you missed:

The famous bike blender back in action!

More photos after the jump (click them for more info!)…

Kids Corner is back on - free every weekend! (Click for the schedule...)
Checking out local florist, STEM.
e-Waste recycling with the Lower East Side Ecology Center...
Guys, and dogs, and corn...oh my. (And sangria--LOTS of sangria.)
The Scrap Kins holding court. (Recycle or beware - those teeth are serious...)
Market vendors a-sellin'...
Even the bees braved the cold.
Just wait 'til this view includes 70º and blue skies.......

The weather’s only getting better from here…  Come on over!


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  1. m says:

    especially loved the photos!!!!

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