Outpost Gallery – Noelle Theard Photography

This show was hung in time for our Haiti-benefitting Block Party last weekend, but we haven’t had a chance to give Noelle Theard‘s photography exhibit the proper attention it deserves.

Next time you come by the Outpost, possibly while you’re waiting in line wondering how long until you get your hands on a margarita, definitely pay attention to the walls.

These photos were all taken in Haiti, and purchasing any of these photos directly benefits Haiti  via Noelle’s FotoKonbit project:

FotoKonbit is a photography project that creates partnerships between socially conscious photographers and local grassroots organizations in Haiti.  Local participants are trained, compensated, and empowered to tell their own stories and document their community through photography. The images produced by the group become a traveling exhibition with proceeds from print sales going back to partner organizations for sustainable development projects.

FotoKonbit provides and enriching educational and artistic experience for the communities served by our partner organizations in Haiti.  By providing cameras, one can see the country through Haitian eyes.  Our ultimate goal is to document the re-birth of Haiti, while at the same time, showcasing grassroots efforts to improve lives.


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