Bomb for Butterflies!

A true Habana Monarch Butterfly, chilling at the Kids Corner...

Did you know that a mama Monarch butterfly will only lay her eggs on a Milkweed plant?  Yeah, frankly, me neither…

But it’s true!

So this is where I point out that Sean Meenan and the Habana crew are *pleased* to bring to the FABfest this weekend your chance to make a Milkweed bomb! But what’s that, you ask?

Well, it’s a handy dandy combopack of soil and seeds that you can toss into an abandoned lot (yes, exactly – like a bomb).  Or you can go less guerilla and just plant it at home.  Either way, with a little time, Milkweed plants will sprout…Monarch butterflies will lay their eggs there…and soon enough Brooklyn will be flush with caterpillars and eventually butterflies!  We may be city-dwellers, but everyone’s summer should involve butterflies.  So there.

...and a true Habana baby Monarch butterfly (aka a caterpillar), also chilling at the Kids Corner.

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