Summer eKarma

Summer cleaning, anyone?  (Yeah yeah – we know technically it’s spring cleaning…but damnit, it’s already summer, so work with us…)

You know what to do with the hundreds of bottles and glasses you still have sitting in the corner from that last party you had, because you can oh so easily [um, and finally] take them down to one of the handy recycling bins downstairs.  (Or upstairs – hey, some of us have lived in the basement.)  And you know what to do with the clothes still taking up half your closet even though they haven’t left said closet in 10 years, because you can bag ’em up and donate them.  But electronics? Yeah, that gets a bit trickier…

They can be big and heavy and awkward to dispose of, but more importantly – even if they’re tiny – did you know they contribute to more than 70% of the toxins found in landfills??  Yep.  Which is why the Tekserve crew along with the LESEC are having another eRecycling event next weekend.

So check that list, clean out your digs, and hit up 23rd & 6th with your eWaste on Saturday July 10th from 10am – 4pm!


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  1. DuEwa says:

    This is so needed! I’m posting this on my blog.

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