Taha Clayton goes solo at Habana Outpost

Join us in celebrating local artist Taha Clayton tomorrow night as he unveils his first solo show in Habana Outpost’s Wall Art series.

Taha Clayton at Habana Outpost
Taha Clayton at Habana OutpostTAHA CLAYTON is an emerging artist with no academic training but rather self-taught, gathering inspiration from his passion of music, the world around him and his vivid imagination.

In his first solo show at Brooklyn’s  Habana Outpost, Taha will be exhibiting oil paintings and drawings that are also available in limited edition prints for purchase.

Born in Houston, TX, raised in Toronto, ON and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Clayton’s paintings pulls the viewer into a dreamlike world, guiding them through a story built from his own experiences, environment and fantasy. His realistic renderings are not only aesthetically refreshing but addresses social and political issues, spiritual and moral virtues, and universal expression in love and life.  

The Wall Art series at Habana Outpost is a bi-montly showcase which provides free gallery space and love for local artists.  If you would like more info about upcoming shows or would like to your work to be considered, please email info@ecoeatery.com 


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