USBK is Plugging Right Along!

What do nine students with architecture backgrounds, an elementary school in Bed-stuy, and rainwater collection system have in common? USBK!

Urban Studio Brooklyn,  is a program started by Sean Meenan that brings together current architecture students with practicing professionals in a three  week summer workshop series. The program is modeled after Samuel Mocbee’s Rural Studio.

USBK has just put some of the final touches on the outdoor seating unit that doubles as a rainwater collection system (and triples as a outdoor greenspace). Check out a snippet of photos from the process!

The bench design is modeled after the High Line, that sleekly and organically rise from the ground!
Interior shot of rainwater collection troughHabana Works founder, Sean Meenan (right) and USBK board member Darcy LeFleming (left) pose for a quick pic!

Visit, our Habana Works Website for more information on this year’s USBK program!





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