Lindsay Lohan spends her hump day at Cafe Habana! What did you do for yours?

Most people can agree that it is pretty hard to find a great hang out spot durning the week, but here Lindsay Lohan proves them wrong. The star was spotted exiting Cafe Habana Malibu on April 18th 2012. Seems that hump day is the new day to be out and about. We also think that Cafe Habana creates the perfect atmosphere to relax with good food, drinks and people. This is more of a reason for Lindsay Lohan to want to spend her Wednesday afternoon there. Lindsay proves that Cafe Habana is a great place to spend not only your weekends but your weekdays as well. Next time your bored on a weekday ask yourself, what would Lindsey do? Here are some cool pictures of Lindsay Lohan at Cafe Habana. Lindsay Lohan at Cafe Habana


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