Cafe Habana Dubai

As many have heard, Cafe Habana has gone international with a new location in Dubai! Leslie, Sean Meenan’s sister, is helping to set up the place and shared some photos and stories with us over here in NYC!


The restaurant is located in Downtown Dubai in Souk Al Bahar which is known for their international dining. The beautiful space we snagged has an amazing terrace where locals can smoke sheesha and cigars while enjoying the classic Cafe Habana cuisine!


Another addition to the Dubai location are the tab cards which will be used at the bar. They are so pretty that I think people will want to keep them!


Amongst all these beautiful and different elements of Cafe Habana Dubai, there are definitely many pieces of home. One in particular is a photo of Chupa hung behind the bar. Chupa was the neighborhood drunk in Nolita (who could also be found directing traffic in the West Village) and he was loved dearly by Sean and Leslie. He was always around to help out and would often even try to save parking spots for Moe the butcher! If Chupa ever asked for money it was between $1 and $5. If it was $5, four of them would go to the neighborhood kids and one for him. 


Stay tuned for more stories and photos! Please feel free to share with us your experiences if you’re lucky enough to have been to Cafe Habana Dubai!

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  1. findmeabreak says:

    Nice post! It’s been awhile since I visited Souk Al Bahar 🙂

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