New Artist Collaboration up at Habana Outpost!

Burchfield and Chivers met in Reno, Nevada. Both transplanted to New York, now share an art studio built into the backyard landscape of an apartment building in Bushwick. Working as sign painters and framers, the lines are blurred between artist and artisan, the distinction between what is work, and what is habit; what is painting for work, and what is painting for one’s own artistic practice, becomes convoluted.
For this exhibition, Burchfield and Chivers have composed artwork collaboratively, deconstructing the concept of ownership. By building layers on top of the other’s composition, enhancing, augmenting, and eliminating, they surpass the limits of one’s own views, forging a whole new reality and artistic platform. Come check out their work at the reception this evening at Habana Outpost from 7 to 9 pm! Here is a preview of what you will see tonight!ImageImage

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