Habana’s Annual Back To School Bash~ COUNTDOWN

Who’s coming out for Habana Outpost’s annual Back To School Bash this year?! We’ll be handing out free school supplies for the kids along with packing the day full with raffle prizes, urban fishing activities and lots of other fun surprises for all ages!! Come out and kick off the school year on a high note, Monday, Sept.1st 11am-3pm in Habana Outpost’s courtyard!


Mom & Dad come out and meet some of our wonderful vendors that will also join us during the event:

Bija Kids: www.bijakids.com

Brooklyn Doodles: http://www.brooklyndoodles.com

Brooklyn Public Library: http://www.bklynlibrary.org

Cumbe: www.cumbedance.com

Fruiggie: http://www.fruiggie.com

Jete Dance Center: www.jetedance.com

Million Trees NYC: www.milliontreesnyc.org

Mindful Parenting: www.mindfulparentingbrooklyn.com

NyK!ds Club: www.nykidsclub.com

The Speech Garden: http://www.thespeechgarden.org

See you then!!



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