Manhattan’s Cafe Habana and Habana To Go, opened by Sean Meenan in 1997, serve home-style Latin food with unique Cuban and Central Mexican accents. Habana Outpost, located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, shares the same celebrated cuisine but also functions as a community gathering space. Regardless of the location, the food is renowned and the atmosphere welcoming.

With Habana Outpost, Sean pioneered the idea of the Eco-Eatery in New York. Eco-Eateries are restaurants that use earth-friendly practices in their design, construction, and day-to-day operations. Habana Outpost aims to reduce wasteful consumption and promote sustainable solutions while maximizing good food and good times.

Today the Habana Eco-Eatery group includes all of Café Habana, Habana Outpost Habana To-Go locations in New York, California, and Tokyo.

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  1. paul says:

    great place and the weekends always hold a packed crowd. two things i wish you could work on. that single/double line for food and drink is ridiculous. can’t you expand with a larger bar or a smaller one outside anything.

    second frozen drinks in a small little cup are way to expensive… the size of those drinks should be 5 bucks.. I don’t want to hear how you are saving the planet by serving 8 dollar mojitos..

    1. Darcy Le Fleming says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Of course we would love to be able to expand the bar but we simply would not have the extra space for seating. Really the only alternative would be if we switched to the kind of restaurant where there is table service, then we would be able to regulate the number of people but of course we would also have to ask people to leave when they were finished eating like a normal restaurant. But that’s not our style- It’s always been important to us that a someone can come in and spend $5 ( $2 corn/$2.50 draft beer) and still be able to enjoy themselves on a nice summer night.

      Our Mojito prices are comparable to many restaurants so I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way but it is worth noting that our corn and draft beer have remained the same price since 2005 and we offer Free movie nights, Free dj’s, Free kids corner activities every Sat&Sun from 12-4, Free Haunted House every October, Free Block Party every May (which featured KRS-1 this year), Free Back to School Party every Labor Day and School Supply Give-A-Ways through our non-profit organization Habana Works Inc. We would love to have you down to one of the events!


  2. Matt Morris says:

    25 yr resident of the NOLITA neighborhood -I and especially my daughter love the take-out. Not so much the crowds but…because of the excessive traffic and street garbage generated by Habana’s customers can I suggest you please take advantage of the NYC Adopt-a-basket program to keep on top of the overflowing garbage can on your corner which when it overflows spreads around the neighborhood. “This is a volunteer program in which a business, organization or individual agrees to monitor an existing DSNY litter Basket to help prevent overflowing of baskets in areas of high pedestrian traffic”
    you can find the application on the NYC Dept of sanitation website.

  3. Ethan Reilly says:

    Just saw you on CNN International, but you post no menu at this site. Why’s that?

    1. habanaoutpostbk says:

      Hi Ethan~
      We recently posted a link on this blog to our Habana Outpost menu and also links to the Cafe Habana menus.

  4. bilal says:

    you can please sent me the video of resturant

    1. habanaoutpostbk says:

      You can find video footage of the restaurant at our press page on the main website. Here is the link:

  5. Mike says:

    I’m a resident here in Malibu and was just wonderng if the cafe habana coming soon in Malibu is going to have a bar? Kinda a night life spot? Since there’s not too many spots to hang ot just it would be a great idea

  6. Cody says:

    Hi there, I moved from NYC to LA 4 years ago and I have missed Cafe Habana ever since. So, I was super excited to hear about the Habana opening up in Malibu. Do you have an opening date? I will be there!

  7. Courtney says:

    Can we please get an update on the opening date for the CH Malibu? I sent an email to the email listed on the site but I havent recieved a response. I am dying to take my family there for my sister’s graduation from Pepperdine! Corn & Cubans!

  8. Just wanted you to know that I wrote about Cafe Habana Malibu on my foodie website. The corn is amazing…I think it should be renamed “Crack Corn” for its addictive properties! The outdoor patio is gorgeous — photos on my site. Check it out! Here is the link:

  9. Efabulous says:

    Please open a Cafe Habana in Spring, Texas or The Woodlands, Texas. I totally miss your fabulous food!

  10. oaxacangringa says:

    OIGAN HABANEROS! Thought you’d dig these super short, super funny videos I wrote and directed in MEXICO. (Cosas que dicen las GRINGAS!)

    “Chile relleno is THE BOMB.”

    Shit Gringas Say Part UNO!

    Shit Gringas Say Part DOS!

    Beth Miranda

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