3 Day Holiday Wkd!

!¡Habana Outpost is having a festive 4th of July! We’ve packed it in for your 3day wkd people!¡ Nature collages for the kids @our kid’s corner Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm. Saturday FiFa matches will be streamed indoors Argentina vs. Belgium @ 1pm / Netherlands vs. Costa Rica @ 5pm. Looking for datenight ideas? Bring your sweets to Outpost Sunday night sunset (8pm/8:30pm) to see Top Gun ! Hoorahhh! 

Habana-rama Packed Weekend!

We have a Habana packed weekend! Who’s in? Saturday & Sunday (11am-3pm): Magic Wand making arts & crafts @ Outpost’s Kid’s Corner in our courtyard Sunday (3pm-5pm): Join us for our Margarita Taste Off competition! We’ll be serving free samples of 2 different margaritas and would appreciate the tasty feedback! Sunday (8pm/Sunset): Fist of Fury…

Celebrate Kid’s Corner Launch w/ Homemade Maracas!

Mom & Dad, drop the kiddies off @ Kid’s Corner today between 11am-3pm in Habana Outpost’s courtyard. Arts & Crafts project: homemade maracas made out of recycled plastic bottles! Ring in cinco de mayo in an eco friendly way! 🙂

It’s National Tequila Day!!!

Picture courtesy of hopeforvicki’s photostream on Flickr. So today is National Tequila Day … and what better place to celebrate it than your favorite neighborhood haunt, Habana Outpost, drinking our world-famous (and might I add POTENT) frozen margaritas! It’s the weekend and all, but if you need some preventative measures for that morning “hangover” (it’s all in your head, by…