Shoutout to Safaree!

Shoutout to Safaree for biggin us up B.I.G! There’s no other place thats better to celebrate the late great Biggie than at Habana Togo Bk today! Brooklyn classics on deck!

Dream BIG Youth Basketball Tournament

Shout out to Biggie’s Fam (T’yanna Wallace, Lil Cease & the BIG Youth Basketball Team) for showing us some Brooklyn love. They’re gearing up for their annual Basketball Tournament on July 12th & July 13th @ the Crispus Attucks Playground. Come out and show your support for these young athletes as they compete in a fun…

Free Coffee & Churros ~ Biggie Sunday Brunch

Habana To Go Brooklyn’s Biggie Sunday Brunch was a success. We received so much love from neighbors near and far all in celebration for Brooklyn’s HipHop legend, Biggie Smalls. The coffee kept flowing and the churros were piping hot with melted sugar crystals. It was a memorable day for sure! 

Brooklyn Love Building

It seems that Sean Meenan’s, Brooklyn Love Building is still stirring up a buzz. The thing that catches people’s attention, about this building, is the eye catching Biggie Mural. Biggie Smalls is an icon figure in the Brooklyn community. If you have a chance stop by to see this fantastic mural, the site is well…

Sean Meenan’s Brooklyn Love Building is getting some attention

Recently, The Daily News posted a story about the Brooklyn Love Building in an article about what to see in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. The author of the article siad  “The Brooklyn Love Building (Fulton St. and S. Portland Ave.) preaches borough pride at the bustling intersection in nearby Fort Greene. “I love this…