Breakfast @ Cafe Habana 🐣

Happy Monday guys!! Its cold out there but always sunny at Cafe Habana. Don’t let this weather bring you down, come start your day and week with some spicy Heuvos-Rancheros served with some tasty home fries and beans.. YUM!


FINAL WEEKEND countdown for our 2015 season end tmrw night¡ Lucky for you @habanatogobk is open year round for all your 🌽GRILLED CORN cravings! Free HABANA postcards around the gate and @ bar counters ☺️ Rp @marimo6239

Cocktails @ Cafe Habana!!🍹

Such a beautiful Thursday right🌞? We know its never too cold for some good drinks, so come get some tasty cocktails or for those who don’t like the booze, we got fresh pressed limeades. So yummy!!🍹🍷🍎🍏🍑🍍

Habana ToGo

We know this is not the ideal weather to get your food to go and sit on our benches but if you don’t feel like waiting for a table, come to our take out next door and get some delish tacos or corn or cuban at the counter and feel cozy with your friends!

Brunch @ Cafe Habana 🐣

If you’re still in bed dreaming about islands and castles, wake up! Time for some real stuff right here. Brunch is served, come thru…

Habana Breakfast

Tired of the usual breakfast? Wanna try something different, tasty and quick? Our egg sandwich is the bomb! Vegetarian or not, with  tons of fresh ingredient… words can’t describe it!