Corn on the Cob!

Think @eggcanvas couldn’t have captured a better photo of our classic habana corn! Bravo!

The New Classic?

Should this be the new classic Habana meal? Mexican corn & mexican cola! mm… thanks for the photo @kiminjunggg

Carlos’ Shrimp Special

Coming out to see the #brooklynnets play tonight? Stop by @habanatogobk two blocks away from the Barclay’s Center. Try our delicious Shrimp Special along side our #habanacorn. We are located @ 690 Fulton St. Also open til midnight 7 days a week! 

Same Delicious Food Anywhere We Go!!!!!

Habana was recently mentioned in an article in the bloomberg news section of business The article mentioned our Famous Cuban Sandwich and Corn that can now be found in the Barclays Center Arena. At Habana we are very proud to have the best Cuban and Corn no matter where you are getting it from….

Take A Bite!

Only heard about cafe Habana’s famous corn? Well what are you waiting for, come on in and try it! This is the one and only time you should give in to peer pressure. Try any of our 3 locations. Cafe Habana NYC, Habana Outpost Brooklyn and Cafe Habana Malibu. Click the link to check out…