Breakfast @ Cafe Habana 🐣

Happy Monday guys!! Its cold out there but always sunny at Cafe Habana. Don’t let this weather bring you down, come start your day and week with some spicy Heuvos-Rancheros served with some tasty home fries and beans.. YUM!

Cocktails @ Cafe Habana!!🍹

Such a beautiful Thursday right🌞? We know its never too cold for some good drinks, so come get some tasty cocktails or for those who don’t like the booze, we got fresh pressed limeades. So yummy!!🍹🍷🍎🍏🍑🍍

Habana ToGo

We know this is not the ideal weather to get your food to go and sit on our benches but if you don’t feel like waiting for a table, come to our take out next door and get some delish tacos or corn or cuban at the counter and feel cozy with your friends!

Brunch @ Cafe Habana 🐣

If you’re still in bed dreaming about islands and castles, wake up! Time for some real stuff right here. Brunch is served, come thru…

Ensalada Espinaca y Manzana

Celebrate this beautiful sunny day with a light and healthy lunch with us people. Our salads are fresh and tasty! Here the spinach and apple one with pumpkin seeds in a tequila dressing… Yummy!!  

Cafe Con Leche ☕

Wanna enjoy the weather today? Stop by either of our ToGo locations and get a Cafe Con Leche to go… Let this sun shine on you!!🌞