Animation Block Party – Afterparty @ Habana Outpost

Habana Outpost will be hosting the afterparty for Animation Block Party‘s Sixth Annual Festival!

With a flash of your ABP ticket on Sunday, July 26th, you gain access to free Habana corn and Six Point craft ales.  Contact ABP for more info, and check out the Sunday Schedule on the next page …

Sunday, July 26th schedule

ABP Bam Cinématek, Program Three (2pm and 6:50pm)

  • Enter The Sandbox: directed by Kevin R. Adams, Starz Animation
  • Factoid Slapstick: directed by Doug Bayne and David Ritchie, Australia
  • Flight Lessons: directed by Neil Helm, SCAD
  • FOT: The Next Big Thing: directed by Alex Dron, New Zealand
  • Eleven Roses: Pedram Goshtasbpour, Canada
  • My Girlfriend Sleeps Like Superman: Steve Gentile, Boston
  • Inner Tubes: Tim Beckhardt, RISD
  • Douchey The Douchebag PSA: Steve Stark, Canada
  • I’m So Proud of You: Don Hertzfeldt, CA
  • Down to the Bone: Peter Ahern, Pratt
  • Ruby Rocket: The Big Wind Up: Stacey Hallal and Sam Niemann, Portland
  • Cat’s Meow: directed by Jorge Garcia, Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Life on a Limb: David Chai, CA
  • Duck Heart Teslacoil: directed by Tyler J. Kupferer, SCAD
  • Reach: directed by Luke Randall, Australia

ABP Bam Cinématek, Program Four (4:30pm and 9:15pm)

  • The Peasant and the Root: directed by Brock Gallagher, Sheridan
  • Randomosity: Jelisa Samuel, Mass Art
  • Hold The Mustard: directed by Tammy Dubinsky, Vancouver Film School
  • Oral Report: Daniella Urdinlaiz, Pratt
  • Cod Swallop: The Brothers McLeod, United Kingdom
  • The Lost Tribes of New York City: London Squared, NYC
  • The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9: Jake Armstrong, School of Visual Arts
  • Lui Lui in Amelica: Vera Lui, Uarts
  • Topi: directed by Arjun Rihan, USC
  • The Heart of Amos Klein: Uri Kranot and Michal Pfeffer, Israel
  • Boris: directed by Dan Lundquist, Minnesota
  • Crew 54: Nedelcho Bogdanov, Bulgaria
  • Portrait: Irra Verbitsky, NYC
  • Catharsis: Anders Michael Nielsen, National Film School of Denmark

The closing evening after party is at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, featuring streaming videos, free Six Point Ale and delicious Habana corn and is only for those with ABP-BAM Tickets.

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