Sean Meenan’s Brooklyn Love Building is getting some attention

Sean Meenan Brooklyn Love Building

Recently, The Daily News posted a story about the Brooklyn Love Building in an article about what to see in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.

The author of the article siad  “The Brooklyn Love Building (Fulton St. and S. Portland Ave.) preaches borough pride at the bustling intersection in nearby Fort Greene. “I love this building, and it houses lots of local businesses.”

What the author didn’t know is that is also home to a bee hive on its roof and  that owner Sean Meenan is a mentor and brand advisor to My Brooklyn Baby which is housed in the building. Read the whole Daily News story here  and come down to our Earth Day Expo on April 14th to get a great view of Sean’s Brooklyn Love Building from the courtyard of Habana Outpost. 

Biggie Mural on Sean Meenan's Brooklyn Love building

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  1. Greetings Mr. Meenan

    Trying to contact you on behalf of Fruitquan, Richard Jackson.
    Can you please call me 347-651-6366.

    Anthony Brewer
    New Era Publication

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